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AUTHENTIC YOGA AT IT'S BEST Authentic Yoga is more than a workout. It addresses your life. It focuses your mind. It gets right in those spots that are tight and troubled. It calms you. It makes you strong. It changes your life.

WHAT'S NEW AT FOCUS? We are offering a special promotion! Refer a friend to our Membership program, and save money off your membership! Why consider a membership? Instructor Ali Banks shares a thought:

"My students often ask me how long it took me to do certain poses and how long it will take them to accomplish goals for their yoga practice. The answer depends on the frequency of their practice. If they are looking to accomplish their goals at a quicker pace, I always answer "Commit to your practice. Get an unlimited membership and come to class as much as you can." I notice with my students who have unlimited memberships they don’t think about running out of classes. They have paid for the entire month so they can come anytime it fits into their schedule. Thus, they get all the benefits of a practice much quicker: Increased flexibility, strength, improved balance, decreased stress, and much more." Instructor Ali Banks. Ali teaches Midday Yoga Express Fridays at 1:00pm.

If Ali's tip resonates with you, consider an unlimited monthly membership. For only $79 a month, you can come to unlimited regular, or "punch card" classes. If you come to only 2 classes a week, this is less than $10 a class! And, now through March, we can make that a little sweeter. If you refer a friend and they also become members, you will receive $5 off your monthly fee each and every month your friend maintains their membership! All memberships require a initial 3 month commitment, with automatic credit card payments. Memberships will automatically renew after the initial three month period unless canceled. After the initial three month commitments, memberships can be canceled with one weeks notice. Memberships can also be suspended for fun things like vacations! Sound good? Call us at (708) 387-2006 with any questions, or click "purchases" to the left to join us! And, remember, always have any friends you refer give us your name so you can receive $5 off your monthly membership!

Drop-in class $16
5-class card: $70
10-class card: $120
30 day unlimited pass: $125 (includes 20% off workshops)
Monthly membership: $79/month for unlimited regular classes.
   Requires a 3 month commitment.
Click here for details.

Individual classes, 5 and 10 class passes and 30 day unlimited class passes are good for any regular class on our schedule. 5 and 10 class passes expire in six months.

You do not need to preregister for our regular classes, but you do need to register for special classes and workshops. We have all the props you need at the studio! 

Our studio is located in Brookfield, Illinois, and our yoga students come from Chicago, LaGrange, LaGrange Park, Riverside, North Riverside, Berwyn, Brookfield, Oak Park, Western Springs and many other near west suburbs in the Chicagoland area.

NOT SURE WHICH CLASS TO TAKE? We offer classes for beginners, and more experienced students. We also have Gentle Yoga for students with limited mobility, and Pre and Post-Natal Yoga. You can call us at (708) 387-2006. We will help you decide. Or, look at the list below... anyone there look like you?

I am an absolute beginner. Come to a Yoga Level 1 class. They are designed to cover the basics, and are perfect for new students.

I'm in pretty good shape, and have some yoga experience. Then, join us in Yoga Level 1/2, 2 or even Yoga Level 2/3 if you're feeling strong!

I've never done yoga, but I work out a lot!
Coming to a Yoga Level 1 is a good way to become familiar with the poses. If you don't mind a little learning curve, and want a more challenging workout, Yoga Level 2 might be a good fit.

I've done some yoga, but it's been so long since I've done any exercise! Get back in the saddle with Yoga Level 1.

I have mobility issues. It's hard for me to get up and down from the floor. Chair Yoga is your class. We use chairs and props to make yoga poses accessible for you.

I have a strong practice, and really want to make it better! Yoga Level 2 or 3 is for you!

I'm pregnant, or just had a baby. Our Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga class is a perfect fit!

I really need to relieve stress and/or focus my mind. We offer guided meditation and Yoga Nidra classes to calm and focus. Check out our workshops tab to the left to see what's current.

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